Shopping Mallorca


Compared to other surrounding islands, the shopping experience in the archipelago surprises many visitors for its great variety and for the quality of its offerings. And of all the islands in the Balearic archipelago, the one that offers the best shops and malls is Mallorca.

Shopping hours in Mallorca generally range from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, with most of the shops within the island usually closing from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, which is the time at which all the residents of the islands in the archipelago (including most businesses) take a break from the hottest hours of the day. On the good side of things, most of the shops and malls open all week round regardless of the day.

Besides its main shops and shopping centers, Mallorca also offers a great opportunity for visitors to experience the local shopping, with markets offering fresh produce of the best quality.

Here are some of the most representative shopping venues in Mallorca.

Porto Pi Shopping Center

Address: Gabriel Roca Avenue, 54

The Porto Pi shopping center is located in the city of Palma and is the biggest mall in Mallorca. It is 2 km from the center of the city, so anyone who is up for a nice walk around Palma will be able to reach it by foot. The mall itself offers a wide array of shops, many of them world-renowned, with brands like Zara, Camper, Springfield and many other within its premises.

The popular Carrefour department store can also be found inside the mall, as well as the best movie theater in town. A bowling alley and a series of restaurants and cafes also makes this mall one of the favorite gathering spots for the youngsters in the island.

Alcampo Shopping Center

Address: PM – 27 Highway, Palma

The Alcampo shopping center offers a place where both locals and visitors can find many shops, restaurants and cafes, all at very reasonable prices when compared to other malls in the area. This shopping center is also famous among locals for the great variety of electrical goods that many of its shops offer.

On top of offering visitors a great shopping experience through its malls, Mallorca is also busting with both big and small shops and locals stores, all of which offer their own unique set of products. Here are some of the most recommended ones.

El Corte Ingles

Address: Alenxandre Rossello Avenue, 16

Being the most popular chain of department stores in Spain, El Corte Ingles just couldn’t be absent from this list, and the experience that its Mallorca locale has to offer is as excellent as any of its other venues in the rest of the country. The shop offers a tremendous variety of products of all kinds and of the best quality ranging from fashion brands to home decor.

Ikea Mallorca

Address: Camí Fondo, s/n. Vía Cintura

If it comes to looking for the best, most functional and well designed home décor products, then IKEA is the place to go shopping in Mallorca. And even for non-residents of the island, the store is a great place for looking for decoration ideas or handy day-to-day home items. It is also and excellent choice for those who choose to rent a place on the island, since almost every single decoration need can be fulfilled here.