Attractions in Mallorca


Being the main destination in the Balearic archipelago, it is only natural for Mallorca to be island that holds the most attractions for tourists. Palma de Mallorca in particular (the island capital city) is the place that holds the largest number of all of them, with the majority of attractions being located quite near the island’s main beaches and resorts. Here follow the more interesting attractions to be found on Mallorca.

The Caves of Mallorca

Address: Mallorca

The Caves of Mallorca can be found all over the island and have become extremely popular due to the many beautiful elements that they sport. For example, some of the caves are abound with stalactites and stalagmites, providing a beautiful view when illuminated by the sun rays at certain hours. Also, many of the caves feature plenty of vegetation and even small lakes, which provide excellent acoustics. This has led to many concerts being held inside these caves several times every year.


Address: S’Arsenal

Located to the east of Palma, in the resort of S’Arsenal, Acquacity provides its visitors with tons of fun thanks to its many activities and games. Visitors to Acquacity can enjoy any of the several large pools that the place has to offer, as well as being able to choose from other attractions, such as playgrounds and slides. For all of this, Acquacity is specially recommended for children and families.


Address: Gracillaso de la Vega, 9

Considered by both locals and visitors alike as one of the island’s most popular attractions, Marineland is the only park in the entire archipelago that features sea lions and dolphins, both of which steal the hearts of people at every show. These beautiful animals perform a series of acrobatics and other funny moves that keep the attention of visitors for their entire show. Marineland also sports the largest shark collection east of the Atlantic, as well as other animals, such as parrots, and crocodiles.

Plaza Mayor

Address: Palma

Also known as Palma’s Main Square, this 19th century attraction is definitely the best way to start getting acquainted with the local “feel” of Mallorca. The square is filled with several commerce shops, as well as cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and fast food venues. The center of the Plaza is also home to an interesting handcraft market a few days every week. Here some locals sell hand-made souvenirs and musicians and other entertainers perform for tourists. On top of that, nowadays there is an underground shopping center in the Plaza Mayor, which provides visitors and locals with a great shopping experience.

Puerto Mallorca

Address: Palma

Located by the La Seu cathedral, the Mallorca harbor hosts a varied array of residents, ranging from local fishermen to yacht owners and ferries. Several good restaurants are also located nearby and most of them offer a great view of the sea. This is also the place to go in order to find services to travel to other islands or to the mainland.

Castell de Bellver

Address: Camilo Jose Cela Street

This colorful castle can be found at the top of the city of Palma’s highest hill. Its beautiful gothic architecture is among the best in Europe, with three spectacular towers and even an indoor museum with a series of artifacts and other archeological pieces.

Son Morroig

Address: Northeast of Deia

Son Morroig is a medieval mansion that offers some of the best views to be found in Mallorca. The mansion is also one of the oldest landmarks in the island, being around since the year 1276. The mansion also includes a museum where several items from even the first years of the mansion can be found.

Parque de la Mar

Address: Palma

Located to the south of Mallorca, the Parque del Mar was created on the second half of the 20th century and sports some breathtaking views of the city’s waterfront. The entire park is surrounded by abstract art and even boasts a tiled mural from famed artist Joan Miro.